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Why your perfect family holiday may be a lot closer to home than you might think!

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We need a nice getaway every now and then. Preferably one that doesn’t involve travel insurance, airport parking, plane turbulence or finding a dog-sitter. But more often, we just want to spend some time quality time with the family. Relaxing, adventuring, touring, or doing something memorable. In that case, forget the stress of an overseas trip. With a recent holiday survey showing 57% of returning British holidaymakers having regretted their decision to go abroad, your perfect family holiday may be a lot more convenient than all that. Not to mention right around the corner!

At Harrison Holidays, we offer country holidays and coastal breaks with zero airport fuss required. And you can leave even the excuses to us, we’re full of good reasons why a local family holiday is just what you need.
Here are 3 reasons your perfect family holiday may so much closer to home than you reckon!

You just want a quick break…

Sometimes, it’s fun to dream about exotic adventures. Losing yourself in foreign bazaars or markets, blowing the locals away with your fluent Spanish (or so you think). Conquering Mount Kilimanjaro and crossing it off your bucket list…But sitting down to plan it all, you realise none of that works for a weekend trip away. In fact, it’s barely enough time to get your vaccinations.

If you’re after a no-fuss, relaxing break, there’s little better than a weekend away in the great British countryside. Our Riverside Holiday Park is a family favourite with Gold and Platinum Plus accommodation that’s ideal for a simple, spur of the moment but quality holiday. Planning a weekend away should be easy and simple, so give yourself and your family a break from it all. Instead, just jump in the car (or motor home) and enjoy the scenery with all the mod cons. That way, you’ll come back refreshed, not wondering which airport you could have left your charger in.

Local holidays mean all the family can join…

Overseas trips often mean finding a pet sitter you can trust. And that’s not the worst of it, because at some point you’ll probably encounter sad puppy dog eyes as Rover realises he’s not coming along. A local family holiday means all family members are invited—even the four-legged variety. Harrison’s Royal Umpire Park is a perfect getaway for dog-lovers, with a dog exercise area that your furry friends will adore. A 4-star retreat set in picturesque natural settings, Royal Umpire is ideal for long leisurely walks and tranquil days out. We have glamping pods for the semi-adventurous, located in their own private woodland area where the dogs can sniff to their little hearts’ content.

If you prefer a slightly more upscale experience, why not discover the Eden Valley? Our 5-star Wild Rose Park in Yorkshire is just as dog- and kid-friendly, with full pet services available for the former. Woof, woof!

Budgeting is easier…

‘Staycation’ holidays have one indisputable advantage over foreign trips—they’re cost-effective. More and more Brits are enjoying bank holidays in the UK because they allow easy budgeting, with over 7 million Britons spending the 2018 August Bank Holiday on our shores. Besides the £1.75 billion by which this boosted the economy, the benefits are often felt at a much more physical level. If the risk of going over budget makes your hair curl, skip the overseas trip. Leave the exchange rate stress for another day, and unwind in one of our country parks instead. Much easier!

Harrison’s Percy Wood Country Park has all the idyllic scenery and so much more, just a short trip away. With an 18-hole golf range, family picnic areas, multi-sports courts, and abundant days out in gorgeous Northumberland, there’s something for all the family. Visit the nearby farm centre, Alnwick Castle and Garden, or simply get lost among nature in the Alnwick countryside.

If you love your trip at Percy Wood, we even offer a huge variety of options, from quick and simple Holiday Home Hire to Percy Wood Holiday Homes For Sale!

Home away from home… (But not that far)

If you’re not sure what suits you, Harrison Holidays offers something for everyone. We are full of suggestions if you want to camp, enjoy glamping, or come along in your own motorhome. Why not browse our country and coastal parks today?

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