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Why Camping is trendier than ever! (Or Glamping if you’re not that hard-core…)

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Spring and summer are full of fantastic opportunities to get out and enjoy the sun. And, more recently, for families to spend quality time camping together! At Harrison Holidays, we’ve noticed several things behind the recent surge in popularity of camping and glamping.

So what’s behind the latest growth in families camping and glamping, and how have these two ‘staycation’ trends become something the whole family can do together?
Here are our top reasons to pitch that tent or check out glamping, if you haven’t already!

Advanced Facilities..

Where camping and glamping used to be thought of as pursuits for the young only, advanced camping tech and new, innovative facilities have made it something the whole family can enjoy. This means those who have typically baulked at the idea of ‘roughing it’ now have many more options for an economical camping or glamping weekend.

Camping used to be something for hardier folk. People who didn’t mind filling up buckets and starting a campfire to enjoy a cup of tea. Those who could bear the thought of lugging unwashed laundry around the countryside on their backs.

Fast forward to 2019, where parks such as Harrison’s Riverside Holiday Park now feature park facilities such as shower blocks, swimming pools, dog play areas, and shops. Those holidaying in mobile homes no longer need to go without electricity but can relax and enjoy the seaside with all the mod cons. All in the privacy of a quiet, green Southport park that’s close to the beach!

Glamorous camping is now an option..

Of course, some of us may want a touch of elegance and privacy to enjoy the scenic countryside even more. Enter glamorous camping, or ‘glamping’, an experience that offers comfort for both children and parents. Glamping experiences such as Harrison’s Wild Rose Hives provide all the idyllic views and tranquillity of the English countryside, balanced with all the comfort and convenience of a modern home.

If campfires aren’t your thing, having facilities such as fridges, kitchenettes, and microwaves can make everything much simpler. And at the same time, your family can enjoy breakfast on the porch amongst the trees and sun or dinner under the stars!

In short, glamping provides an ideal balance of luxury and excitement for those who love nature but want to enjoy it in style. Why not see our Harripods for yourself, which come complete with private parking?


Flexibility is perhaps the very essence of why people love camping. Getting away from the frantic pace of city life is incentive enough for a weekend away, but being able to move wherever you want is real freedom!

Our Royal Umpire Park is one classic example, set among idyllic natural surroundings which offer countless walks, hikes, and cycling adventures. With a choice of standard, classic, and superior touring and motor home pitches, getting away is simpler than ever. There’s no need to pre-book hotels, airport transfers, or worry about sticking to a timetable when you can simply get in your car or caravan and be on vacation in moments. For those who want to try a glamping experience instead, Royal Umpire glamping pods come with outdoor decking, seating, cutlery, and TV and DVD, as well as twinkling in-cabin lights to capture a real taste of the great outdoors.

Whether you choose glamping or good old-style camping, you’re not bound by any schedules when you get there, as some package tours might offer. With football pitches, play areas, or country walks waiting to be explored, your family can enjoy real flexibility.


Last, but not least, camping and glamping getaways come at a much more affordable price than most traditional holidays. Where a weekend in a hotel won’t often cover food, transport, or trips around the countryside, you’re free to do all these when you choose to camp.

Our Harripods, for one, sleep up to five family members and allow you to cook for yourselves. Just a short distance away from local Farmers’ Markets, woodland walks, restaurants, pubs, and sports facilities, there’s no need to shell out extra to make the most of your holiday. Check out the nearby woods, enjoy some fishing, or enjoy a romantic getaway with a loved one. To get anywhere, simply hop in the car and get out there—why not bring the dog along?

At Harrison Holidays, we can suggest a coastal or countryside holiday that your family will love. Camping’s trendier than ever before and our parks offer recreation, facilities, and scenery for the flexibility and comfort you’re after. Our glamping hives come fully equipped with double-glazing for peace and tranquillity, central heating for warmth, and beautiful sitting out areas so you can catch the breeze. What more could you ask for?

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