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The Great Recurring Holiday! Why a holiday home is achievable for more & more people…

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Have you always wanted your own holiday home? Most of us have, and while there aren’t any concrete statistics on it, it’s probably one of the most common workplace daydreams. Gazing out the window, wishing you were elsewhere…we’ve all been there! While properties in the urban areas are definitely getting more expensive, the good news is that holiday homes are a different thing entirely. At Harrison Holidays, we know for a fact that holiday homes are becoming increasingly more realistic for increasingly more Brits. In fact, a recent holiday homes survey showed that 40% of UK-based holidaymakers intend to invest in local holiday homes this year. Let’s look at some of the possible reasons behind this trend a little more closely…

Work-Life balance and well-being…

Let’s face it, few of us can afford a holiday abroad every time the fancy strikes. The ‘staycation’ trend is growing fast as more Brits are coming to value the work-life balance that a local holiday allows. Without the stress and preparation of that a foreign holiday requires, Britons can enjoy a quick holiday to the coast or countryside for a fraction of the cost.

Even better, they come back feeling more refreshed, and the idea of a ‘recurring holiday’ has caught on fast. At Harrisons Holidays, we are also seeing many holiday home buyers motivated by the idea of a short, easily-accessible that involves little to no planning. Just a quick, relaxing getaway in their own holiday home among the fresh coastal air!


Another trend behind the growing popularity of holiday homes is better access to finance. In an age where property prices are far from what they used to be, potential holiday homebuyers are taking advantage of simple financing such as Harrison Holiday’s finance option to buy their homes away. While a home in one of UK’s cities can cost a small fortune, holiday homes such as the coastal Willerby Peppy and Atlas Style come in for as little as 10% of the cost. In the heart of the British countryside, the same can be said for lodges such as the 2-bedroom Omar Heron and the 2-bedroom luxury Omar Kingfisher in Harrison’s Wild Rose Park. For the price, the Omar Kingfisher even includes a hot tub and full outdoor decking. Unsurprisingly, with finance available, families aren’t alone in the rising staycation trend, as such options now become more realistic for young people, too.

Holiday whenever you like…

The great freedom offered by the British staycation concept is another huge factor in the recent increasing interest in holiday homes. At Harrisons Holidays, this comes as caravans, static homes, and lodges in some of the nation’s most beautiful parks. One demographic loving the freedom to vacation every weekend with all the mod-cons (and then some) is, unsurprisingly, families.

British families are now in a great position to make the most of economical ‘holidays on tap’ complete with amenities such as walk-in wardrobes in Percy Wood’s Prestige Reprise lodge. At the Wild Rose Willerby Salisbury lodge, central heating and double-glazing come fitted, allowing families and their kids to retreat to a comfortable home away from home at the drop of a hat. Children can now remember endless ‘holidays’ on a much more regular basis!

Lodges and caravans are becoming more popular…

Not only are British holidaymakers looking for more and more static homes, but lodges and caravans are becoming increasingly popular, too. With 37% of vacation-seekers now preferring caravans and lodges, this is driven largely by huge advances in the level of facilities available at modern parks. Harrison Holiday’s Percy Wood Country Park, for example, offers not only an 18-hole golf course but also local markets only a stone’s throw away. Along with facilities such as children’s adventure playgrounds, sports courts, and picnic areas, no wonder!

Endless holidays!…

With a huge range of luxury lodges available, there is little reason for British holidaymakers not to have a home in the country. Harrison Holiday’s lodges include caravans for a flexible, relaxed holiday, and static homes such as the ABI Sunningdale for a veritable steal. Considering more British ‘staycationers,’ on average, find themselves working longer and longer weeks, the need for a refreshing weekend becomes more important.

At Harrison Holidays, we even offer finance options for our holiday homes. Set in resplendent country settings and with quick access to hidden local treasures, we can understand why so many Brits are fast moving towards UK holidays. If you’re interested in learning more about our holiday home options—whether it be a caravan, static home, or a luxury lodge—don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Or why not browse our holiday homes at Wild Rose, Percy Woods, and Riverside holiday parks online?




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