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Blackpool Tower

Less than an hour’s drive away from Riverside Holiday Park and Brooklyn Park is Blackpool Tower, an iconic landmark and one of the most popular attractions in the UK. Standing tall at 518 feet, the tower offers impressive views of the Irish Sea and the surrounding countryside.

Visitors can experience the thrill of walking on the famous glass floor, which offers fantastic views of the Blackpool Promenade below. For those seeking more adventure, the Tower also features a glass SkyWalk experience, where visitors can take a stroll on a platform at the top of the tower looking down to the promenade below.

The tower is also home to a variety of exciting attractions, including the Tower Circus, which features acrobats and performers from around the world. Visitors can also explore the Tower Dungeon, which offers a spine-chilling journey through 1,000 years of Lancashire’s murky past.

The Tower Ballroom is another highlight, featuring original architecture and a magnificent dance floor. Visitors can soak in the historic charm and dance to live music played on the world-famous Wurlitzer organ.

With so much to see and do, a visit to Blackpool Tower is a must-see attraction when staying at Brooklyn Holiday Park.

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