How long can I use my Harrison holiday home?
All of our parks have a minimum of a 50 week season, meaning that you can use your holiday home every year from March – February.
How long is the licence?
Here at Harrisons we are proud to offer an unlimited license. So you can sit back and relax and use your holiday home for as long as you like.
Can I bring my dog to my holiday home?
100% our four-legged friends are key members of our families and going on holiday without them would not feel the same. As our parks are in countryside locations, there are many great walking trails for you all to enjoy together.
Do you have internet or wi-fi available to the caravans?
All our holiday homes have the ability to have a booster to run high speed internet to the caravan or lodge. This means you could even catch up with some work whilst relaxing at your retreat or catch up on the TV shows you’ve missed.
What is the difference between a caravan and a lodge?
The main differences between homes and lodges are size and price
Static caravans
are half the width of a lodge (up to 14ft wide) and can come in a variety of lengths to suit your needs. The range of static caravans available start with very basic fixtures but can also be extremely luxurious depending on your budget.
Holiday lodges
offer the ultimate in luxury. They are double the width of a holiday home (up to 22ft) with lots of exterior and interior design options. The first thing you’ll notice is how spacious and open plan they feel. Like holiday homes, the price range varies from entry level through to complete luxury.
Will I own the land of the pitch I choose?
You will be the proud owner of a holiday home or lodge, but not the land itself. Your annual site fees cover your right to occupy a pitch, as long as you adhere to our park rules.
What are the park rules?
A copy of the park rules would have been provided at the welcome meeting. If you need a full copy of the rules, please speak to a member of the ownership team.
What benefits do you get as an owner?
Our Owners can look forward to events throughout the year, helping you meet new friends and feel part of a community. As an owner you can offer friends and family a 15% discount on a holiday at one of our Harrison Leisure parks.


How much does a holiday homes cost?
Our Harrison Parks have a wide range of both new and pre-owned holiday homes for sale. Brand new holiday homes start from £34,995 while our pre-owned holiday homes can start from as little as £19,995. These prices are dependent on the stock we have available at any given time. To view our static homes for sale click here> van search.
Do I need a deposit to secure my purchase?
Yes – a minimum of 10% of the holiday home price.If you are interested in buying a static caravan at one of our parks please email our team at reception@harrisonleisureuk.com and they will be happy to help.
Are there any other additional costs to consider?
As an industry standard all holiday parks charge an annual ‘site fee’ or ‘pitch fee’. Our site fees range from £3,490 to £5,390 depending on your preferred park and the size of the pitch you choose. There is also your running costs for water, gas and electricity. For an accurate charge for these please speak to a member of our ownership team.
Can Harrisons help with finance options?
We currently offer finance through Black Horse Finance. We work closely with them to ensure that we are offering our customers the best finance deal for their holiday home. There is a minimum deposit criteria in place for all holiday home purchases that use finance towards the funding of the purchase. This may vary depending on the value of the holiday home. All finance is offered subject to status. Terms and conditions apply.
Can I upgrade my holiday home in the future?
Yes, you can upgrade, also known as part exchange, your holiday home when the time is right for you. If it is something of interest, speak with a member of our team and they can provide you with a no obligation cost to change.
What if I want to sell my holiday home?
If you want to sell your holiday home, then your options will differ depending on your situation. You may be able to sell your holiday home back to Harrison Leisure, we will always look to offer you the best price possible where we can.
Can I sublet my holiday home to holidaymakers?
Yes, you can let your holiday home out. Our Help to Let programme allows you to let your holiday home to generate an income towards your running costs. We’ll take care of all the bookings, check-in, inventory, cleaning and looking after the guests during their stay. We will make sure that your holiday home is kept clean and as you left it when you next return.
How can I pay my annual site fee?
Your annual site fee will be billed in November and you can pay it TBC. For a full explanation of ‘site fees’ click here > link to stie fee explained
Do I need to pay council tax?
As our holiday homes are non-residential you won’t be liable to pay council tax on our parks. Council tax is only paid on your main residence which is the property you live in.
How much does it cost to insure a holiday home?
Your static caravan or lodge must have insurance to comply with the park rules. We can help you with insurance through our recommended broker or you can source your own insurance. The annual premiums range in price, depending on your holiday home’s age and size, plus the level of cover you require. For a quote, please speak to a member of our ownership team.
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