Holiday Park Annual Site Fees Explained

What are caravan site fees?
A static caravan site fee is the amount you pay to keep your caravan sited on its pitch at our park for the year. Whilst the purchase price of your caravan or lodge covers the cost of the holiday home itself, the site fee covers the cost of maintaining the park’s grounds and facilities. Such annual charge is standard across holiday parks where you can own a holiday home.
What do caravan site fees cover?
The annual site fee goes towards a number of elements that you’ll benefit from and enjoy as an owner on park including;
  • Securing your pitch for you holiday home for the year.
  • Maintenance and grounds work to maintain our beautiful landscaped parks
  • Access to facilities like pool, adventure playgrounds etc
  • The organising of events for all owners to enjoy.
  • Maintaining the connection of water and electricity to your holiday home
How much do caravan pitch fees cost?
Unlike many of our competitors we have one set fee on each of our parks. They range from £3,490 to £5,390. For the site fee for each park, please see your preferred park page.Enquire online to find out the annual site fee amount for your preferred park. When you visit your chosen park, our experienced team will take you through the annual costs, breaking them down so you understand what you are paying for.
How do I pay my site fee?
Our team bill your annual site fees in November. You’ll receive a letter of your annual pitch fee statement through the post, which will be sent to your home address. Depending on your preferences you may also be emailed them. You statement will include instruction on how to pay.
What happens if I sublet through Harrison Holidays?
If you join our Help to Let programme, Harrison Holidays will let out your caravan or lodge when you’re not using it which will generate you an income. Any income earnt through out letting programme will be paid annually in November and automatically deduct the following year’s site fees. In some cases it may be that you won’t have anything left to pay. Thus what you have earnt in income is equally to or exceeds your annual site fee. If you earnings exceed your next years site fees the remaining balance will be paid into your chosen bank account via BACS transfer.
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