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Dog Friendly Caravan Holidays

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Owning your own holiday home is the perfect way to ensure that your furry friend can always come with you on your holiday adventures. With your own holiday home at Harrison Holidays, you can be sure that your dog will have a comfortable place to stay and plenty of space to run around. 

There are a number of benefits to bringing your pets with you when you visit your own holiday home at one of our parks. These include: 

  1. Flexibility – You can choose when and where you want to go on holiday, without having to worry about availability, pet restrictions or additional fees.
  2. Comfort – Your dog will have a comfortable place to stay and plenty of space to run around.
  3. Peace of mind – You can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing that your dog is in a safe and secure environment. 

You’ll also find plenty of dog friendly additions such as ‘pet station’ feeding areas and walking trails. We have specially designed dog walking paths around our parks to exercise your pets conveniently without leaving the comfort of your surroundings.  

When you do venture off park, there are fantastic walking routes within easy access of your park. To check out some beautiful walks you can enjoy with your dog at Wild Rose Holiday Park.

Mature Couple Taking Golden Retriever For Walk


Unlike some of our competitors, we won’t charge you any unnecessary fees for bringing your dog with you on holiday in any of our accommodations. 


Dog-friendly caravan holidays at Harrison Holidays 

When it comes to planning a memorable getaway, there’s no need to leave your four-legged friend behind. At Harrison Holidays, the enjoyment of a caravan holiday can be made even better with the companionship of your pet. Imagine waking up to the sound of nature with your loyal canine by your side, knowing there are so many adventures ahead. With dog-friendly caravans, owning your own holiday home at Harrison Holidays is your gateway to countless moments of shared joy and unforgettable memories. If you’d like to learn more about finding your perfect holiday home to enjoy with your pets, check out our holiday home sales page or view our current inventory

A tail-wagging welcome for your furry friend 

Dogs are more than just pets; they’re family. Recognising this, Harrison Holidays extends a welcome to your canine companions. All our parks are pet-friendly, ensuring that your furry friends can accompany you on your holiday escapades. From spacious caravans that cater to your needs to picturesque surroundings that cater to their sense of adventure, Harrison Holidays creates an environment where both you and your pets can feel right at home.  

happy boy and brown and white border collie running outdoors

Adventures in nature 

Nature beckons at every corner at your Harrison Holiday park. Imagine strolling through wooded trails with your dog by your side and exploring the beautiful countryside. The parks are situated in some of the most picturesque regions, from coastal escapes to countryside havens, ensuring that every day brings new possibilities for exploration. From morning walks to evening playtime, the parks’ natural surroundings become an extension of your holiday home, providing endless opportunities for bonding with your pets. 

Small cute happy dog with a happy face running through a puddle towards the camera, with her owners in background.


Tips for a pawsitively perfect holiday with your pet  

To make the most of your dog-friendly caravan holiday at Harrison Holidays, consider the following tips: 

Pack Their Essentials 

Just like you pack your holiday essentials, remember to pack your pet’s necessities. This includes food, water, bedding, toys and any medications they might need. 

Plan Pet-Friendly Activities 

Research local pet-friendly attractions and activities in the area. Whether it’s a dog-friendly beach or a scenic trail, having a plan in place ensures that both you and your furry friend have a memorable time. 

Respect Park Guidelines 

While Harrison Holiday sites are dog-friendly, it’s important to respect the guidelines set by the park management. This includes keeping your dog on a lead when required and cleaning up after them. 

Safety First 

Prioritise your pet’s safety by ensuring they are microchipped, wearing a collar with identification and are up-to-date on vaccinations. 

Most importantly… Have fun! Bringing your dog on holiday is a great way to create lasting memories together. So relax, enjoy your time away and let your furry friend have a ball! 

portrait of a Beagle dog on the background of a beautiful sunset sky in the summer after the rain while walking in nature


The benefits of owning a Harrison Holidays holiday home 

In a world where time flies and moments become memories, the joy of spending quality time with your pet is priceless. At Harrison Holidays, that joy is woven into the very fabric of your holiday experience. From the comfort of your holiday home to the vastness of nature waiting to be explored, every element comes together to create a feeling of shared happiness. So, take the opportunity to create lasting memories, unforgettable adventures and enjoy spending time your furry friend. 

A sense of community and belonging 

Owning your own holiday home at Harrison Holidays not only opens the door to adventure but also to a welcoming community of like-minded individuals. Fellow pet owners share your passion for creating lasting memories with your furry companions. Whether it’s a friendly chat during morning walks or organising pet-friendly events, the community at the parks is built on a foundation of camaraderie and shared experiences.  

The practical perks of holiday home ownership 

Owning a holiday home at Harrison Holidays also offers practical perks that cater to the needs of pet owners. The convenience of having your own space ensures that your pet feels comfortable and at ease throughout their stay. No more worrying about finding pet-friendly accommodation or the stress of unfamiliar surroundings – your holiday home becomes a place of familiarity for both you and your pet. 

Harrison Holidays is more than just a destination; it’s a haven where your holiday dreams come to life with your furry companions by your side.  

Why not check out our latest holiday home offers to see if you can find the perfect home to enjoy with all the family. 

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