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British Red Cross’ Ukrainian Crisis Appeal Donation

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As a family business, it is always family values that are at the heart of everything that we do as a team at Harrison Holidays. So when we heard the news of the escalating conflict in Ukraine 12 months ago, and the devastating impact that it was having on families, we knew that we wanted to try and offer our support in some way.

Little did we all know back then that the situation would continue to intensify in the way that it has and the impact on families fleeing their homes would be so extensive.  The organisation that we approached to offer our support was British Red Cross, whose teams on the ground have been providing essential emergency support that has included food, water, medical care and shelter.  They have also been doing vital work to reunite families, who have been torn apart by the crisis, and provide them with much needed emotional support.

As the result of our pledge to donate £500 every month during the 2022 holiday season we have presented the British Red Cross with a donation of £4,500.


“We’ve all been struck by the scale of the tragedy in Ukraine and the suffering that it has created”, says George Harrison, one of our founders.  “It was important for us to do something as a family for the families of Ukraine, who have lost their homes, their schools, their communities and so much more.  The work of the British Red Cross has provided a life line when it is needed most, and we are glad to add our support to their crucial work.”

The donation has been made to the British Red Cross via their North West England team.  Kerry Threadgill, who is the Regional Fundraising Manager, sent us this message, “We would like to thank Harrison Leisure Group for their kind donation. We have already supported millions of people affected by the conflict with food, water and medical care. Our staff and volunteers have also been welcoming people arriving here from Ukraine – providing them with emotional and practical help when they need it most. This donation will help us continue to support people affected by the conflict.”

The work of the British Red Cross’ Ukraine Crisis Appeal is very much ongoing and we’d urge anyone to offer their support if they can with donations of all size welcomed.

Find more details on how to donate for the Ukraine Crisis

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